Saturday, May 30, 2009


Cottage Furnishings on the South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach is a must for anyone who loves coastal seaside living.

The store is right accross from the water and is just full of amazing decor.

A fun mix of old, new and locally crafted!

Look at these beautiful seaside pillows!

I just loved this table!


My sister knows what I like and boy did I like!!! If you are ever in San Juan Capistrano you must visit "WHIM FURNITURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN". These photos are just of the entrance. Upon entering the building you can tour through room upon room of beautifully decorated spaces. I was truly inspired! The staff was friendly (and not just because I am Canadian) and I just had to make a small purchase just to see how lovely they packaged up my treasure. (When you own a store, you find these things very interesting!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I always have my eyes open for vintage chandeliers for the store, but I don't think this one will fit in my suitcase! WOW, it's beautiful!

This is the view from our table at lunch. If you look closely you can see the surfers. Gee, I hope it isn't raining at home!

This is a sample of one of the many bouquets that lined the halls of The Ritz. These roses sit in 3.5' clear vases so that the bouquets are at the perfect height for enjoying their scent.

Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel in Dana Point California! During my recent visit to see my sister and her family, I was treated to lunch at "THE RITZ"! Upon entering the drive of this fine establishment, we were met by a handsome young man who parked our car! (Something that usually happens when I go to work each day!) Another tanned body opened the grand doors to the hotel. This photo is what you would see upon entering. We are headed straight down to the end and to the left for lunch!


This little love bug was nesting in my sister's planter box outside her kitchen window. She (the dove, not my sister) would sit on her eggs dutifully until the father of her children would arrive in a swoop and they would carefully change positions so that the mommy could go and find food and stretch her legs. It was really something exciting to watch the dance of these two dove's as they shared the load of parenthood. Soon, three babies appeared and the dance continued day and night to keep their newborns safe and well fed. The beauty of mother nature!