Friday, May 27, 2011


WELCOME to The Passionate Home's VIP Event celebrating our new location

and 5 years in business!

We had a wonderful evening of sweets, treats and fun!

Who can resist homemade mini cupcakes and cake pops?? Not me!

Thank you Susan for these yummy treats!

These cake pops were sure a hit!

My son, the official TPH greeter welcoming the Mayor of the city of Langley.

Welcome Mayor Fassbender and thank you for coming!

We enjoyed wonderful food from Mizuna Culinary!

Just look at that spread!!

Everyone goes home with a goodie bag!

Welcome Donalda!

Me and the girls, Elinor & Kindrel...oh and, Mayor Fassbender too!

Have a beverage and enjoy the evening.

Even Mrs. T came to wish us well! ( I have known this lady since I was 6 years old!) My pretty necklace was a gift from Janis of Rust & Ruffles, thank you Janis, you are amazing!

This is the man I have partnered up with to make some amazingly beautiful reclaimed cabinets for our store. Meet Duane for Out of Line Designs.

Time to cut the ribbon and officially open our new location. Everyone worked so hard during this move and I owe a huge THANK YOU to my girls Elinor & Kindrel! Thank you to everyone who helped with the move, my mom, Susan, Matt, Lolo, Max, Mike, Katie, Marjolein and Hanna.

And another HUGE hug to Teri, the Executive Director for the Downtown Langley Business Association. She has been an amazing supporter since I opened my first location 5 years ago, thank you Teri!

Time to eat, drink, shop and chat. Can you see my 1000 cranes hanging from the ceiling?

They were gifted to TPH for good luck and long life.

I think they look rather festive, what do you think?

I think I see Pamela from Lady Pamela's Cottage!

Many Passionate Home family members came out to help us celebrate and a few actual family members too! Meet my Omi and my Nana. (Nana is 100 years old but she doesn't want anyone to know, so if you see her out walking, don't tell her I told you!)

I am forever changed by the experience of opening my own business, by the people that I have met, by the stories they share, by the faith that I have had to call upon to focus on the positive and to believe in things that we do not see. By the unwavering support of my husband. By all the kind gestures, words and incredible acts of kindness I have experienced since opening TPH. For my old friends and new friends and for each of you who have shared TPH with their friends and for those who have allowed me to sell their creations in my little shop, for all this and more, I am truly grateful.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It was April 30, Saturday night at 5pm that we closed the doors on The Passionate Home's old location, packed up our bags and moved across the lane into our future.

After 2 1/2 hours and many trips across the lane, this is how the new store looked as we closed up for the evening in order to get a good nights sleep in order to get an early start Sunday morning.

Monday morning the old awning came down and the new one went up.

New signage too!

Wednesday at 10am we open the doors to our customers in our new location.


Join me for a little tour of our new local. The new space is large enough to carry a few custom upholstered pieces, something I have always wanted to carry! Don't they look GREAT!

To the right we have a seasonal area and believe it or's SPRING! So, here you will find lovies for your outdoor living areas and garden.

To the left you will find a beautiful selection on jewelry.

A few steps into the store and this farmhouse table sits in the center of the shop.

Tableware on your right,

and soaps and beach/cottage treasures in the back left.

Opposite is the new baby area, with new items arriving daily!

In the center back we hung a collection of mirrors to reflect the natural light and to make the the back of the store just as special and fun as the front!

Here is the new front counter, it is an old store counter and we matched it up with our old counter in order to have a nice long and spacious area for our customers. Behind the counter we hung an old garden gate and flanked it with topiary trees in urns in order to replicate The Passionate Home logo.

And before the tour ends, here is the view from the back looking forward.

You must really come for a visit and experience the new location for yourself, we would love to show you around!