Friday, December 31, 2010


What a way to start off the New Year! Canadian House & Home Magazine says that The Passionate Home is "WORTH THE DRIVE"! Tucked inside the January 2011 issue is the H&H Shopping Guide and this is what they said about The Passionate Home!

French country chic is hard to resist at the best of times - it's just all so charmant! - let alone when it beckons among a whimsical mix of upcycled, vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces, as it does at The Passionate Home. Located in historic McBurney Lane, this dangerously affordable shop trades on the thrill-of-the-find. It's a treasure trove for a romantic nursery (vintage iron and Provencal-inspired daybeds), nostalgic garden accessories (wrought iron galore) and repurposed "junk style" pieces. If you can't decide what to grab, go for a bottle of Pre de Provence French soap - at least you'll feel like you took part.

Let me tell you that after reading this, I was so thankful to H&H for putting into words, that which I sometimes find so difficult to explain. Their description of the store is exciting and great and it made me so proud! Sometimes, when you are in your own business everyday and you are constantly trying to do better, you wonder what other people see. Thank you H&H and thank you to everyone who has shown support for The Passionate Home. It means more to me than I will ever be able to put into words.

As a small business owner, I am also so very grateful to the local community who chose to shop local this holiday season. Downtown Langley ran the "WIN THE WINDOW"contest where local businesses donated a gift to the window and every time you made a purchase at one of the participating merchants, you could enter to win the more than $5000 worth of gifts. I am happy to say that Jackie made her first visit to The Passionate Home and entered to win. On December 22 her name was pulled from thousands of entries and although Jackie had to work, I was excited to meet her husband and help him load up his treasures. Congratulations Jackie and Kurt and thank you for shopping at TPH.

From my family to yours, we wish you happiness, health and success in this New Year. May you easily find the strength to take the first step towards whatever it is you dare to dream for 2011!


Friday, December 10, 2010


I recently borrowed a book from the library titled, THE NEW LOOK OF COUNTRY. It was packed full of inspiration and beautiful photos, but one particular part caught my eye...DESIGN RECONSIDERED. Not only was the picture right up my alley with it's iron daybed, antique arched window, Italian chandelier and old plastered walls, but the story that accompanied the photo made me smile. Enjoy!

In the 1890 short story "The Revolt of Mother", Mary Wilkins Freeman tells a tale of a woman who gets so angry with her farmer-husband for spending all of their money on a new barn that she takes up residence there. At the time, the idea of living in a barn was unthinkable. But today, our sense of what makes a home has changed, and our desire to preserve any piece of the past we can seems to know no bounds. Rather than lose barns, garages, carriage houses or former factories to the wrecking ball, people are rescuing them and reincarnating them as dwellings.

This story has got me rethinking our little shed out back! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I don't even think I would mind my new neighbours!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am always excited to see a magazine in my mailbox and this month I was treated to a new magazine compliments of Invis-Feisal & Associates Mortgage Consulting, The title was HOME & MORTGAGE, but what really caught my eye was what was under the title...Sarah Richardson at Work & Play! I ran home from the mailbox! Open page 10, Sarah Richardson ingenuity at work, I can not read quick enough. One of Canada's favorite designers shares her sources of inspiration, colour palette preferences and relaxed reno philosophy. The article is in an interview format and there is a wonderful picture of Sarah and Tommy smiling right at me! It was a wonderful interview, but what I really wanted to share with you was something that Sarah said. The interview question was, "On what particular project did you learn the most, were most proud of the results, or had the most fun?" The part of the answer that interested me most was when she said, "The country home was the most challenging, rewarding and fun. It was the most fun because it was a beautiful country setting and we used the type of furniture that I love: vintage finds from flea markets that were painted or refinished." I think Sarah needs to visit The Passionate Home!

Have a great day! C

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I was very excited to find the January 2011 Style at Home Magazine in my mailbox last night! I love to read the articles and look at all the pictures of items that they could have purchased from TPH!!! Under "notes from the editor" Erin is talking about "the latest craze" and I was delighted to read what Executive editor Suzanne Moutis wrote about being a vintage romantic at heart. "There should always be room for one-of-a-kind pieces and things with individuality" she observed. I agree, don't you? I think Suzanne would love The Passionate Home!
Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010













Friday, November 12, 2010



Angela is one of the lovely ladies who works with me here at The Passionate Home and she is hosting an amazing Christmas Sale on her property in South Surrey. If it is anything like last years sale, you will not want to miss it! Grab a few friends and be prepared to indulge in the holiday spirit. White painted furniture, vintage goods, Christmas & home decor, antique silver, jewelry and of course organic jam.

632 - 192nd Street

South Surrey, BC (access off 8th ave)

November 13th & 14th

10am to 5pm


Thursday, October 28, 2010


One of the benefits of owning your own business is it allows you a platform for change and contribution to your community. Karla, owner of McBurney Junction Interiors and The Passionate Home created a "WIN A $3000 BEDROOM MAKE OVER CONTEST" in May of this year. For more details clickhttp//

We took a few photos along the way to share with you the transformation. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the room before it was painted, but it was a bit darker than builder beige. Mark from All Bright Painting in Langley donated his time to this project and did an incredible job. Thanks Mark and team!

After speaking with the winning family and touring their home, our inspiration came from their many beautiful and colourful paintings. Although the room was furnished from both The Passionate Home and McBurney Junction Interiors, the bedding was purchased at some of our favorite stores.

We had a custom king size headboard made in a deep chocolate beautiful!

With the high ceilings it was important to find just the right piece for above the bed.

Nothing is ever as easy as we think!

Last minute clean up before the big reveal.

It was from this Pottery Barn pillow that we picked the colour for our room, Benjamin Moore Atmospheric Blue. The paint for this make-over was generously donated by Benjamin Moore Langley Decorating Center. Thank you Earl!

The family was not allowed into the room until we were done, but somehow, somebody small snuck in when we weren't looking! He promised not to say a word and spoil the surprise!

We also added a hinged lid ottoman to provide extra storage as well as a place to sit and play guitar. The ottoman also looked great at the end of the bed. The large painting was acquired from another room in the home.

We dressed the bed and added colourful throw pillows and blanket. We stole the blue bedside table from the guest room and added the new chocolate one on the right. The lamps are also new to this space.

The home owners like to use this space for computer work, so we added this distressed red antique desk and leather covered stool. The stool is made from reclaimed bicycle tire rims, very cool and the lamp and painting were more items we borrowed from other rooms in the home!

We added this basket to hold extra toys for the kids. Easy to clean up and it looks great!

One happy family! Thank you both for allowing us into your home and for being such wonderful and inspiring people! We hope this room provides the inspiration, relaxation and peacefulness that you were hoping for.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I desperately needed more display area in the store and did not want to just go out and purchase something, I wanted to RECLAIM, RESTYLE & REDECORATE! After all, that is what we are all about here at TPH. So, I thought I would share with you how an idea became reality! It all started with this great old country cabinet found at a local antique store. One look at all those shelves and I hauled this little baby into my van! Actually, two strong men lifted it into my van, but, I however, was able to pull it half way out once I got home!

I took the doors off and attacked the whole unit with my Dewalt orbital sander. You can see the difference between the sanded top shelf and what it looked like before the sanding.

I also purchased some very old and very dirty barn boards to build extra shelves. The one on the left is how they came and the one on the right is how it looks after a good sanding. After sanding these boards, I looked like the board on the left!

Once the barn wood boards were all nice and clean, I coated them with clear varathane. In this photo, the one of the left is the "after" board.

Here is a closer look at how varathane can make a big difference.

Once the whole piece was clean, sanded and varathaned, I attached the doors to either side of the cabinet to make one eight foot long display area. The barn boards where cut to fit on the doors and I attached each shelf with rod iron brackets.

Ta Da! Here is the finished unit! Just look at all that display area! Even though I said that I did it all, I must confess, nothing is ever as easy as it starts out to be. I guess you could kinda say that this was a family project! And for those of you who were shopping a TPH that Sunday...I apologize for the chaos and thank you for your positive encouragement!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


On our continual quest to offer our customers hand picked treasures, Mike and I are headed south to Seattle. First stop is the Sand Point Antique & Design Market ~ Antique, Vintage & Junk Show. This show takes place on the second Saturday of each month. Being this was our first time to this show, I was very excited to see what sort of treasures where about to be discovered! Though we found the show smaller than we had envisioned, the booths were well displayed and there were lots and lots of great finds!

Loved this booth! All that vintage fabric made into beautiful pillows and the most beautiful handmade roses. I would take it all if I had the room!

Beautiful display and lots of ideas. Loved the numbers and all the industrial pieces. Check out this lovely ladies finds at

Here is another is where I am wishing we brought a truck! I would take that daybed in an instant!

One of the great things about visiting all these flea markets is that it is a constant supply of ideas, inspiration and happiness! (I am sure you know what I am talking about)

We enjoyed lunch at Pike Place Market in Seattle. If you have never been, Pike Place Market is one of the oldest continually operated public markets in the United States.

So full of colours, flavours, smells, wares, cultures and so much more! Visit

We woke early Sunday morning, visited the closest Starbucks and headed over to Fremont. We are always lucky at this flea market that happens every Sunday. Tents line the street with fresh cooked treats, handmade wares, antiques and collectibles.

I am all about recycling, so I just loved this tent filled with old blazers and jackets that have been recreated into stylish one-of-a-kind pieces. This blazer was one of my favorites with the birds on the front and the addition of the hood. He had lots of different styles to choose from. Though I did not take one home this time, I will definitely look for this tent next time.

One thing I noticed this time was that some of the displays were really works of art. Such time and effort to show off all the great finds.

We discovered a new booth on this visit and I just loved everything! I brought home a few treasures for the store!! Check out Again, I would have taken a whole lot more if we had the room. Nice lady, great finds, good prices...right up my alley!

What really adds to the thrill of the hunt is music. When we arrived this lovely lady was very focused on playing a Christmas carol and with gloves on to boot! I have to say, it made me think about what day it really was! She has lost in her music. I am sure I am not the only one that she made smile that day!

Another new discovery was made in Mount Vernon, WA. If you are in the area, Red Door Antique Mall is a must! I could have filled my whole van here! This is one store I would make a special trip to visit!

This sadly is the one that got away! It was love at first sight! Oh how I want to take this tub home with me, and well, I thought about it too long and went home without it. Now I think about it all the time! Lesson learned...when you really love something, just "do it". Say those little words that make us so happy...."I'll take it"!