Saturday, October 10, 2009



A single chair is a great addition to any home and in any room. This chair would make a super bedside table in a small space. Just enough room for a lamp and clock and it doubles as extra

seating. This same chair would work in a family room as a side table with books and a blanket. What about in your kitchen for a plant or fresh flowers?
If you are lucky enough to find a sturdy old country chair, snap it up! Just look at the character this one from the store has! It is sturdy oak and painted a beautiful shade of blue. You could also collect your set of dining chairs one at a time and create an eclectic mix at the dining table!

Lets go outdoors, it is great extra seating when you are setting up for a garden party like the people here at I did set up something like this in my own backyard last year, but I don't think it looked quite this inviting!

This is my single chair close to my front door. It makes for extra seating indoors and a great place for the whole family to put their library books so that I do not have to search under the beds! Also convenient for Grandpa to sit and put on his shoes! A chair like this is also functional in a bathroom next to the tub or shower. It will keep your towels handy and your glass of wine within reach!

If your chair is in less than perfect condition, why not cut a hole in the seat and pot it up! This adds great interest in your garden! Or, use it at the front door to build a seasonal vignette. If you have cut a hole in the seat, fill the hole with branches, greenery and holly at Christmas. Fill it with branches and pumpkins in the fall! Decorating with one single chair creates a very relaxed style. Your chair is multi functional, easy to maneuver, practical and pretty! So remember, the next time you are treasure hunting, don't pass it up just because there is only one! Sometimes, one is all you need!


  1. My friend Pauline and I went to our first auction years back and I bid on a group of 6 chairs - all wood - all different. She looked at me kind of panicky - afraid of what I had bid - we gathered them and looked them over knowing we would paint them and sell them individually - and yes, we got our $5 (total) back. Ain't life grand! Jennifer

  2. What a fun post! Great ideas on how to use chairs in a variety of ways.

  3. Hey, that tent looks familiar! ;0)
    The 'Tent Mahal' was our hotel while we participated in the BarnHouse Flea Market last July... so glad you liked it! We brought it home after the show and set it up in our backyard, and enjoyed it for the rest of the summer! Great way to add a whole extra room for entertaining!

    Deb @ Retreat