Thursday, April 29, 2010


Junking has to be win, win for everyone in our family, so this time it was my son who had a request as we planned to get up early and head east. "Mom" he said, "I have been watching the price of gold lately and I think if we spent a little time panning for gold, I bet I could pay for my college education".

I'm thinking if we go after I've done what I want to do and the weather is nice and we have the extra time and if we can find a place, I guess we can go! Well, guess who was standing by the van in the morning with two pairs of rubber boots, a gold pan and wearing a big smile?? You guessed it, my little gold miner, Max!

Here are my boys on the hunt for our future security and dreams of living on campus.

There they are! I am sure my husband is giving Max lessons from when he was a boy and his dad owned a gold mine! We may be in luck!

I think they may have something???

"What is BC Jade worth mom?" Well, it is a start! I remain hopeful!

Laurel and I did not bring the appropriate footwear so we busied ourselves with taking silly pictures of ourselves! Until.....

"Honey...I think we have something here!"

Can you see it?? I know the picture is not too clear but I assure you, it is bigger than it looks!

Well, after doubling our money, it was time to go. It was a beautiful day in Chilliwack, quality family time and not one to darken a dream, we are going to come back another day!

I think our stake so far will get Max a drive by at UBC, but that is about it! Good thing he is only 11 years old, we have lots of time!

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